Hangzhou Perfect Technology Co., Ltd.

Hangzhou Perfect Technology Co., Ltd.



Hangzhou Perfect Technology Co., Ltd. is headquartered in Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China.We research and sale the oil water separation membrane, oil water filter cartridge, oil water separator equipments.We also provide the EPC services including engineering, procurement, consultancy of oil water separator equipments, distributed control system, safety instrumented system and instrumentation package in the industries of oil & gas, petrochemical, chemical, food, utility, environmental protection and so on.We devote ourselves to provide the best services to my clients.My products and services include the following:1. DCS: ABB 800xA, Symphony Infi90, AC800F, AC800M2. SIS: ABB Plantguard and 800xA High Integrity; ICS Triplex Trusted and AADvance3. FGS: Detcon, Det Norske Vertas, Envent, Galvanic, Spectrex, Oldham, Apollo, Typo…


地址:No.7, Xia Xianghu Road, Xiaoshan District,
Hangzhou Perfect Technology Co., Ltd.

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  • PM858 PM861 PM862 PM864 PM866 PM865 PM867 BC810 CI854 CI853 CI860 SM811

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System 800xA DCS boasts 10,000 installed systems in over 100 countries, monitoring and controlling over 50 million tags and helping ABB be the no.1 global DCS supplier for over a decade.

3BSE031155R1      BC810K02 CEX-bus Interconnection Unit

3BSE071500R1      BC820K02 RCU-Link and CEX-Bus Interconnection Units

3BSE018103R1      CI853K01 Dual RS232-C interface

3BSE030220R9      CI854AK01 Profibus Communication Interface

3BSE018106R1      CI855K01 MB300 Dual Ethernet port interface Package

3BSE026055R1      CI856K01 S100 I/O interface

3BSE018144R1      CI857K01 INSUM Ethernet interface Package

3BSE018135R1      CI858K01 DriveBus Interface Package

3BSE032444R1      CI860K01 FF HSE interface

3BSE040795R1      SS832 Voting Device

3BSE043660R1      CI867K01 Modbus TCP Interface

3BSE048845R1      CI868K01 Q Q 109146768 Interface

3BSE049110R1      CI869K01 AF 100 Communication Interface

3BSE056767R1      CI871K01 PROFINET IO Communication Interface

3BSE056899R1      CI873K01 Ethernet/IP Communication Interface

3BSE066485R1      PM851AK01 Processor Unit

3BSE066490R1      PM856AK01 Processor Unit

3BSE082895R1      PM858K01 Processor Unit

3BSE082896R1      PM858K02 Redundant Processor Unit

3BSE066495R1      PM860AK01 Processor Unit

3BSE076940R1      PM862K01 Processor Unit

3BSE081636R1      PM862K02 Redundant Processor Unit

3BSE076939R1      PM866AK01 Processor Unit

3BSE081637R1      PM866AK02 Redundant Processor Units

3BSE076355R1      PM867K01 Processor Unit

3BSE081638R1      PM867K02 Redundant Processor Unit

3BSE053241R1      PM891K01 Processor Unit

3BSE053242R1      PM891K02 Redundant Processor Unit

3BSE018172R1      SB822 info at oilwaterfilter dot com unit

3BSE018173R1      SM811K01 Safety CPU module

3BSE072270R1      SM812K01 Safety CPU module

3BSC950193R1      TB850 CEX-Bus Terminator

3BSC950194R1      TB851 CEX-Bus Terminator

3BSC950263R1      TB852 RCU Link Terminator

3BSE057022R1      TB853 RCU Control Link Terminator

3BSC630049R1      TC562 Short Distance Modem

3BSC950192R1      TK850V007 CEX-Bus Extension Cable

3BSC950262R1      TK851V010 Connection Cable

3BSC950201R1      TK853V020 Modem Cable

3BSC950356R1      TK855 RCU Data Link Cable

3BSE057021R1      TK856 RCU Control Link Cable

3BSC950375R1      TK857V003 RCU Link Cable

3BSE073314R1      LD800HSE EX Linking Device

3BDH000281R1     Redundancy Link Cable

3BSE038407R1      FS801K01 firmware tool

3BSE038226R1      SS823 voting device

3BSE008538R1      TB807 Modulebus terminator

3BSE037760R1      TB840A Modulebus Cluster Modem

3BSE022464R1      TB842 Modulebus Optical Port

3BSE021437R1      TB845 Dual Modulebus

3BSE021439R1      TB846 Dual Modulebus

3BSC630197R1      TK212 Tool cable

3BSC950004R1      TK527V030 Interface cable

3BSC950089R1      TK801V003 Cable

3BSC950089R2      TK801V006 Cable

3BSC950089R3      TK801V012 Cable

3BSC950107R1      TK811V015 POF Cable

3BSC950107R2      TK811V050 POF Cable

3BSC950107R3      TK811V150 POF Cable

3BSC950118R1      TK812V015 POF Cable

3BSC950118R2      TK812V050 POF Cable

3BSC950118R3      TK812V150 POF Cable

3BSE035990R1      TU805K01 Termination Unit

3BSE039025R1      TU807 Termination Unit

3BDZ000398R1      RLM01 PROFIBUS Redundancy Link Module

3BSE013208R1      TB820V2 info at oilwaterfilter dotcom Modem

3BSE013230R1      TU810V1 Compact Module Termination Unit

3BSE013231R1      TU811V1 Compact Module Termination Unit

3BSE013232R1      TU812V1 Compact Module Termination Unit

3BSE036714R1      TU813 Compact Module Termination Unit

3BSE013233R1      TU814V1 Compact Module Termination Unit

3BSE069209R1      TU818 Compact Module Termination Unit

3BSE068891R1      TU819 Compact Module Termination Unit

3BSE013234R1      TU830V1 Extended Module Termination Unit

3BSE013235R1      TU831V1 Extended Module Termination Unit

3BSE038726R1      TU833 Extended Module Termination Unit

3BSE040364R1      TU834 Q Q 109146768 Termination Unit

3BSE013236R1      TU835V1 Extended Module Termination Unit

3BSE013237R1      TU836V1 Extended Module Termination Unit

3BSE013238R1      TU837V1 Extended Module Termination Unit

3BSE008572R1      TU838 Extended Module Termination Unit

3BSE046966R1      TU839 Extended Module Termination Unit

3BSE020846R1      TU840 Termination Unit

3BSE020848R1      TU841 Termination unit

3BSE020850R1      TU842 MTU

3BSE021443R1      TU843 MTU

3BSE021445R1      TU844 MTU

3BSE021447R1      TU845 MTU

3BSE022460R1      TU846 Mounting unit

3BSE022462R1      TU847 Mounting unit

3BSE042558R1      TU848 MTU

3BSE042560R1      TU849 MTU

3BSE050930R1      TU850 Extended Module Termination Unit

3BSE068782R1      TU851 Extended Module Termination Unit

3BSE069964R1      TU852 info at oilwaterfilter dot com Unit

3BSE069966R1      TU854 Module Termination Unit