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Hangzhou Perfect Technology Co., Ltd. is headquartered in Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China.We research and sale the oil water separation membrane, oil water filter cartridge, oil water separator equipments.We also provide the EPC services including engineering, procurement, consultancy of oil water separator equipments, distributed control system, safety instrumented system and instrumentation package in the industries of oil & gas, petrochemical, chemical, food, utility, environmental protection and so on.We devote ourselves to provide the best services to my clients.My products and services include the following:1. DCS: ABB 800xA, Symphony Infi90, AC800F, AC800M2. SIS: ABB Plantguard and 800xA High Integrity; ICS Triplex Trusted and AADvance3. FGS: Detcon, Det Norske Vertas, Envent, Galvanic, Spectrex, Oldham, Apollo, Typo…


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Hangzhou Perfect Technology Co., Ltd.

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  • AI810 AO810 DI810 DO810 AI845 AO845 AI880 CI840 CI801 DI840 DO840 DI880 DO880

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The S800 I/O provides easy installation of the I/O modules and process cabling. It is highly modularized and flexible so that I/O modules can be combined to suit many applications. The S800 I/O can be mounted in many configurations to fit most requirements.

3BSE008516R1      AI810 Analog input module

3BSE052604R1      AI815 Analog Input module

3BSE008544R1      AI820 Analog input module

3BSE036456R1      AI825 Analog Input module

3BSE040662R1      AI830A Analog input module

3BSE051306R1      AI835A Analog input module

3BSE028925R1      AI843 Analog Input module

3BSE023675R1      AI845 Analog Input module

3BSC690071R1      AI890 Analog Input module

3BSC690141R1      AI893 Analog Input module

3BSC690086R1      AI895 Analog Input module

3BSE038415R1      AO810V2 Analog Output module

3BSE052605R1      AO815 Analog Output module

3BSE008546R1      AO820 Analog Output module

3BSE045584R1      AO845A Analog Output module

3BSC690072R1      AO890 Analog Output module

3BSC690087R1      AO895 Analog Output module

3BSE022366R1      CI801 PROFIBUS Communication interface

3BSE041882R1      CI840A Q Q 109146768 Interface

3BSE039293R1      AI880A High Integrity Analog Input module

3BSE028586R1      DI880 High Integrity Digital Input module

3BSE028926R1      DP840 infoatoilwaterfilterdotcom module

3BSE028602R1      DO880 High Integrity Digital Output module

3BSE008508R1      DI810 Digital Input module

3BSE008552R1      DI811 Digital input module

3BUR001454R1     DI814 Digital Input module

3BSE069052R1      DI818 Digital Input module

3BSE008512R1      DI820 Digital Input module

3BSE008550R1      DI821 Digital Input module

3BSE036373R1      DI825 Digital Input module

3BSE069054R1      DI828 Digital Input module

3BSE013210R1      DI830 Digital Input module

3BSE013212R1      DI831 Digital Input module

3BSE020836R1      DI840 Digital Input module

3BSC690073R1      DI890 Digital Input module

3BSE008510R1      DO810 Digital Output module

3BUR001455R1     DO814 Digital Output module

3BSE013258R1      DO815 Digital Output module

3BSE069053R1      DO818 Digital Output module

3BSE008514R1      DO820 Digital Output module

3BSE013250R1      DO821 Digital Output module

3BSE069055R1      DO828 Digital Output module

3BSE020838R1      DO840 Digital Output module

3BSC690074R1      DO890 Digital Output module

3BSE013228R1      DP820 Pulse Counter module

3BSE020512R1      AI801 Analog input module

3BSE020514R1      AO801 Analog output module

3BSE020508R1      DI801 Digital Input module

3BSE022360R1      DI802 Digital Input module

3BSE022362R1      DI803 Digital Input module

3BSE020510R1      DO801 Digital Output module

3BSE022364R1      DO802 Digital Output module