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Hangzhou Perfect Technology Co., Ltd.



Hangzhou Perfect Technology Co., Ltd. is headquartered in Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China.We research and sale the oil water separation membrane, oil water filter cartridge, oil water separator equipments.We also provide the EPC services including engineering, procurement, consultancy of oil water separator equipments, distributed control system, safety instrumented system and instrumentation package in the industries of oil & gas, petrochemical, chemical, food, utility, environmental protection and so on.We devote ourselves to provide the best services to my clients.My products and services include the following:1. DCS: ABB 800xA, Symphony Infi90, AC800F, AC800M2. SIS: ABB Plantguard and 800xA High Integrity; ICS Triplex Trusted and AADvance3. FGS: Detcon, Det Norske Vertas, Envent, Galvanic, Spectrex, Oldham, Apollo, Typo…


地址:No.7, Xia Xianghu Road, Xiaoshan District,
Hangzhou Perfect Technology Co., Ltd.

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  • PM803F PM802F EI813F FI820F FI830F SA811F SD812F SD833 SD823 SS832

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AC800F, the hybrid process control system, combines the best of both worlds, DCS and PLC. It offers PLC size and price with functionality of a DCS. Freelance is proven in more than 14,000 applications in all industries.

3BDH000022R1     EI813F Ethernet module

3BDH000030R1     FI810F CAN module

3BDH000031R1     FI820F Serial module

3BDH000032R1     FI830F Profibus-DPV1 module

3BDH000033R1     FI840F Foundation Fieldbus module

3BDH000530R1     PM803F CPU Module

3BDH000013R1     SA811F Power supply module

3BDH000014R1     SD812F Power supply

3BDM000160R1     TB870F Terminal block

3BDM000103R1     TK811F CAN cable

3BDM000150R1     TK821F serial Cable

3BDM000100R1     TK831F CAN Cable

3BDM000202R1     TK890F Diagnostics cable

3BDM000201R1     TK891F Diagnostics cable

3BDH001001R0001 PM901F Central Processing Unit

3BDH001000R0001 PM902F Central Processing Unit

3BDH001005R0001 CI910F CAN Module

3BDH001010R0002 CI930F Communication Interface

3BSC610064R1      SD831 Power Supply Device

3BSC610065R1      SD832 Power Supply Device

3BSC610066R1      SD833 Power Supply Device

3BSC610067R1      SD834 Power Supply Device

3BSC610068R1      SS832 Voting Device